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Junaluska Community Map_Keefe (1).pdf
Numbered parcels indicate land owned by black members of the community, as identified by Virgil Greer in 1998.

Junaluska Jubilee-2068.jpg
This image shows many members of the Junaluska Heritage Association posing outside of the Boone Mennonite Brethren Church for a photograph during the 2015 Jubilee. Jubilees celebrate the Junaluska community and its historic leaders through…

BooneMountainLions2-19-2011 8;28;23 PM.JPG
Junaluska had its own baseball team, the Boone Mountain Lions, who competed against other towns and prison teams.

Junaluska Heritage Association original members

The Jordan Councill Memorial Cemetery is divided into two sections: the "white" cemetery and the "African American" cemetery. As a part of their community activism, the JHA has made several attempts to get the cemetery listed as a historical landmark…

Praise activity in the Boone Church
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