St. Luke's Episcopal Church

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A Photograph of St. Luke's Parish in Boone.

Human Hurt and Hope Fund Episcopal Diocese of Western North Carolina

In 2012, the Junaluska Heritage Association teamed up with the Human Hurt and Hope Fund of the Espicopal Diocese of Western North Carolina for a number of ongoing projects in the community.

As listed on the St. Luke's Episcopal Church of Boone website, the Junaluska Ministry has collaborated with the Junaluska community and Boone Mennonite Brethren Church "to preserve the history of Watauga’s only surviving African American community." In bi-weekly meetings the project group works to "locate and consolidate family stories, photos, and interviews." This project has recently received grants from the Diocesan Human Hurt and Hope fund. 

In conjuction with members of St. Luke's Episcopal Church of Boone and The Reverend Cyndi Banks, members of the Junaluska community have taken part in two-day long workshops on race, racism, and community building. One workshop took place at the Boone Mennonite Brethren Church in 2012, and another at Appalachian State University's Anne Belk Library in 2014. These were led by Reverend Jim Abbott and others from Asheville, North Carolina area. 

Junaluska Jubilees

With the help of the Human Hurt and Hope Fund, the Junaluska Heritage Association held four community-wide Junaluska Jubilees. These Jubilees celebrate the Junaluska community, and some of its historic leaders with entertainment and a group meal, with more than one hundred visitors in attendance each year. 

St. Luke's Episcopal Church